Are you looking to build your dream home? Consulting with a real estate agent when building or remodeling will help ensure that you are investing your money properly and that you will see your investment back and then some!

Often times buyers are unaware that they should be using a real estate agent when working with builders. Often times thinking that by not having an agent with them they will save money; in reality builders do not like to reduce the purchase price because it sets a precedence for future home sales.

Why should I work with Mile High City Group when building my dream home?
  • Purchasing new construction is usually more complicated, time consuming and intimidating than buying resale.
  • Builder model homes are staffed with agents who work for the builder; no matter how kind they seem they are interested in the builders bottom line and are looking to upgrade you on everything.
  • You need an AGENT that is there to look after your best interests and to keep in contact with the builder to make sure everything goes as planned.
  • An agent can help you decide what upgrades will be worth making in the long run for resale value and to help you decide when hiring an outside contractor will save you money.
  • There are numerous builders out there, when building a new home you want to work with an agent that can help you hone in to the style of house that you are looking for.
  • Lastly when working with Mile High City Group you will be the most informed buyer because your agent knows what factors influence builder pricing, when the best time is to buy, and when a builder is most aggressive with their incentives.
When visiting a builder for the first time make sure your agent is present! If you do not you lose all rights to your own representation.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about building your Dream Home, there are plenty of options in the Mile High City.