Tell us a little about yourself…

My family has lived in Colorado for four generations so I have a lot of love for the state. I grew up in Congress Park and Alamo Placita Park neighborhoods. I then went to University of Colorado at Boulder for a BA in Art History. After university I moved back to Denver and studied Digital Design at the CU Denver campus and worked in advertising and marketing design. While continuing to freelance in the advertising world I opened up a small art gallery in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver. Soon after the real estate bug bit and I have not looked back as it truly allows me to combine all of my education and passions into one industry.
I currently live in Platt Park with my family; Patrick and our two kids Felix and Sydney.

What design/furniture store can you not get enough of?

How can I choose just one? I can’t! So I’ll say the Denver Design District. It has everything you would ever need. As far as accessories are concerned I’ve been going to Wild Flowers since they opened up when I was little; I’m exited to check out their new store in Stapleton.

It’s 89 degrees and sunny in Denver, where are you headed?

Do I have the day off? Are the pools open? Cause if they are I am probably headed to one with the family! If not I will either head to Platt Park and walk around Old South Pearl Street or if I am looking for a quick get away I’ll head to Boulder to hike around the flatirons.

What’s do you love about Real Estate?

My love for real estate started when I was young my Great Grandpa and Grandpa invested in a lot of real estate around Colorado and I can remember my mom would always be reading the real estate section of the news papers and pointing out to me which ones were a good buy. I guess all of that exposure to the industry fueled my passion. I love that it is the one industry I have found that really allows me to incorporate everything I have learned in my education and other jobs and combine that with my passions for architecture, construction and interior design. I love that every day changes. One day you will be at a design meeting for a new build the next you are checking out a historic house downtown, and the day after that you are creating marketing campaigns and contracts. All the while you get to love all of the different neighborhoods and businesses that Denver has to offer, its the best.

Erika Johnson